[Twee Turven Hoog festival 2018 - Haarlem, Netherlands]
A interactive dance floor for kids between age 0 to 6.
There are 16 interactive tiles blinking on a rhythm. Kids are able to put their favorite symbols on the tiles. When the rhythm reaches the tile you can hear the symbol. The sound of that icon is mixed into the rhythm. There are currently 10 different icons to choose from.
By doing this kids will recognise the pattern of music. The rest of the floor is filled with little leds switching colors, where you have all the room you need to dance to your hearts desire.
Made with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Max and Ableton.


[Ainsi - Maastricht, Netherlands]
How to survive in a technological urban jungle. A monolog about privacy, security and anxiety. How do you interact with your system and would you act differently if you knew you were being watched?
The effects on the speach are manipulated by the speaker. By squeezing your hand, moving your hand up and down or forward the (amount of) effect gets applied. The visuals are linked to the height of your hand.
Made with Unity3d, Leapmotion & Reaktor6.


[Fringe Festival 2017 - Amsterdam, the Netherlands]
A play about a conversation between man and computer. Can a computer disagree with its user? Does a user question the motives of the computer?
Since we live in a world where technology becomes more integrated in everyday stuff, we tend to forget its there. Technology becomes a blackbox.
Unless it crashes. And you are on your own.

Click here to read more about the play and the festival.
Made with Processing, Kinect and OpenGL


[HKU - Utrecht, the Netherlands]
An interactive installation build around the question: What is time to you?
By moving through the pillars a time related question is asked. The direction in which you are moving decides what the question will be about.
The idea for this installation came to me after having a busy period where I got asked if I had time to do non study/ work related things. Which got me thinking about how I was spending my time and wondered how others reflected on their usage of time.
And what if we could freeze time for a moment? What would our first course of action be?


[HKU - Utrecht, the Netherlands]
An installation about addiction. When do you decide that enough is actually enough?
This was mostly a research project about my own addictions and how do I translate these into experiences to make my audience understand my decisions. This interactive installation simulates an addictive situation where the user has to decide what the next step will be. By tilting a handle the color of the light in the room and the music change. The handle will slowly move back to its original position. When that happens an alarm is triggered and the room fills with red blinking light. The user is able to change this scene by simply putting the handle back up...

SORI Experiment

[Utrecht, the Netherlands]
Sori, an artificial intelligent entity, guides you in this interactive audiotour.
She is build around the idea of having an AI stimulating meditative relaxation methods to "ground" the user. Our current surroundings are filled with technological stimuli distracting us and filling our minds with information we don't need. Do we pay enough attention to our own body/ mind?
Sori will ask you to fullfill assignments. By doing these you'll be more focussed on your own body instead of your surroundings with the goal to let you experience meditating and get out of your comfort zone.